We successfully cooperate with some of the biggest Croatian companies.

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Energija 2 sustavi Ltd.

This company was founded in 2011. It was a small-scale private company established as an electricity supply firm. The business and purchase departments were set up in the first year and selling then started through public tenders. In October 2012, we started a business relationship in which BNB Sklad took over sales to business customers. Within six months we contacted, on behalf of Energija 2 sustavi d.o.o, decision-making representatives in over 6000 companies with more than 10 employees. We have produced over 1000 offers and signed more than 400 contracts for the supply of electric energy.

Energija 2 sustavi d.o.o. has become the fastest growing private supplier of electricity in Croatia. As a result, the company has been recognized by the German group RWE, the third largest electricity producer in Europe. The RWE Group acquired all the company shares. The name of the company has changed to RWE energija d.o.o.

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U Zagreb, 13th May 2013.

Zoran Miliša
Engineer, Founder and Director of Energija 2 sustavi Ltd.
From 21.06.2013. director: RWE energija Ltd.

I founded Energija 2 sustavi d.o.o. as a personal venture in August 2011. The company has grown into the fastest growing supplier of electric energy in the Republic of Croatia over the past 20 months. Since October 2012, we have been cooperating with BNB SKLAD d.o.o. on sales, in particular in the business sector and handling key customers.

In the previous period, this company specifically emphasized its analytical approach, mature and meaningful proposals and proactive attitude. In this respect, BNB SKLAD d.o.o. significantly improved our market position and perception of Energija 2 sustavi d.o.o. as a reliable partner.
The results of “BNB Sklad” in the sale of our products and services to business customers have set the bar to a whole new level and showed us how big the potential market is. In any case, I can recommend “BNB Sklad” and its owner and director Mr. Bruno Crnički who is a mature, responsible and competent partner. We could rely on him at any moment in the last period of cooperation.


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