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What can we do for you?

What do we offer?

Our goal is the success of our partners.

  • A professional team that may be difficult for your own company to source and pay for.
  • Access to our sales channels and contacts.
  • Quality data, exceptionally processed, on potential product buyers.
  • Risks reduction – labor law, sick leave, departures…
  • Cost reduction – education, space, equipment…
  • Reduction of the time required for the completion of individual marketing campaigns.
  • Selling is no longer a fixed cost business and becomes, largely, a more predictable variable expense, included in the price of the product.

Every activity is project-based. After analysis of the given parameters, the best solution for the current situation is presented. We have space, equipment and an experienced team qualified in business analysis, marketing, market research, direct and indirect sales and communication with customers. The team is capable of expanding and adapting to the user’s needs or to a specific project. We have our own quality database of companies in Croatia and a number of contacts we can engage in order to start joint business in a desired manner.

We are offering flexible cooperation models at reasonable prices!

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Why us?

Last year we negotiated contracts worth more than 60 million HRK for our business partners.

By working with us, you shall maintain a comfortable situation by paying for only the work actually performed on the basis of signed contracts and completed jobs and without having problems with: employees or freelancers, sick leave, vacations, absences, labor law, resigning, organization, facilities, equipment, training, motivation…

  • You do not have the resources or ideas regarding the implementation of marketing and sales campaigns?
  • You need professional people, information, automation tools?
  • You want marketing to become a variable cost without it being a burden on your daily activities?
  • You want to pay more attention to your business and products?
  • You want more growth than your internally available resources can provide?
  • Your business is stagnating – do you want to break the cycle?
  • Would you like to address a new product, group of customers or a specific product area?

Have you answered yes to at least one of these?

If so, please contact us at info@sklad.hr or by phone +385 1 789 7789!

Why outsourcing?

Financial reasons

The single most important reason for sales outsourcing is to reduce and control operating expenses. The external supplier has lower operating costs, partly due to economies of scale, partly because of specialization. It is the external supplier’s core business and investment in infrastructure that is divided into a number of projects.
The sales department in a company, even if it exists as a separate entity, is predominantly a fixed cost. Space, equipment, operating costs, salaries, employee education and their management and motivation are to be paid for regardless of the effects of the sale. With sales outsourcing, the largest portion of these costs becomes variable and depends entirely on your decision to start a certain campaign, start to sell a product, or decide to present your company to a particular target audience. The decision is yours, costs occur only after the decision was made or even better after the product has been sold, delivered and charged.
Every organization has limited resources at its disposal. It is a permanent challenge to use the resources in an optimal manner. By separating the activities that are not part of your core business, you will free assets and time and invest those assets in your own business – there where they will bring the most benefit. Rather than get into debt in order to start the development, production or sales, get started right away with us.
The risks of employment and labor law cannot be neglected, furthermore, recruiting, management and rewarding high-quality sales staff is not an easy task. When the portion of work that is not your core business is delegated to us, which is our core task, you will free up your time, your company will become more flexible and more able to accept emerging opportunities. Market, competition, regulation, financial situation and technologies change daily. Keeping up to date with all these changes, and particularly in situations where financial investments are needed, is often reduced to a “to be or not to be” matter. By sharing business risks and freeing up resources available for your core business, you will become more resistant to the situations ahead of you.
You can download the entire document of BNB Sklad here – Outsourcing.pdf 

Operational reasons

Outsourcing allows the company or its management to shift the focus from operational to strategic decisions. Leave operational details to our specialists who are experienced in dealing with such situations. Sales outsourcing is a customizing tool making a company more functional and easier to manage.
Can you really find, hire and pay the best people for your sales? Can you afford all the training needed? Can you afford investment in all the infrastructure necessary for their work? Even if you could manage this, how much would it cost and would your products, burdened with all these expenses, still be competitive?
Our experts working for you are objective observers. It is always easier to get a real picture by watching from the outside and with a certain distance from the operational, organizational and financial problems occurring in every company. It is easier to be objective when you are not emotionally tied to a specific product. The data that we collect is always structured and provides a clear picture of a specific situation. In this way, we ensure timely business decisions.
Take advantage of our services in a way that will bring you the most benefit. Make use of our expertise of the process’ key elements for which you do not have enough resources or experience. Take advantage of our experience, market knowledge and data at our disposal to make your sales have a comparative advantage over the competition.
This is both the financial and organizational issue alike. It boils down to your need to do what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Calling customers and presentations are probably not your first choice. Otherwise you would be doing our job!
Rather than organize or reorganize your own sales just leave it to us and get momentarily ascertained profits that bring forth organizational solutions.
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