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Business Consulting

Depending on the activities and business models, there is often no need or opportunity for full time employment of a team of experts.

Finance, marketing, direct sales and call centers are the most common examples of business functions to be arranged outside the company and to be used when needed. Accordingly, you can get the best experts, objective thinking and optimal solutions, not burdened by relations and the situation in your company.



Marketing analysis
Implementation of marketing actions
Promotion of the company and/or product


Communication in 2012. 30%
Communication in 2013. 70%
Communication in 2014. 90%


Sales consulting
Search for opportunities
Arranging meetings
Expansion / improvement of sales channels (indirect sales)
Direct sales
Sales increase (qualitatively and quantitatively)
The expansion of the sales range


Sales in 2012. 40%
Sales in 2013. 75%
Sales in 2014. 90%


Communication with customers

Measuring customer satisfaction
Troubleshooting and complaints

In Croatia, companies tend to engage freelancers and students in sales and customer communication. It is absolutely not the right path. Those are the most important functions within the company. Without customers, there is no business. Companies exist to meet the needs of their customers or they do not survive. Constantly seeking freelancers who quickly give up, do not have the necessary knowledge and equipment, have a chaotic approach to business, does not lead to correct and desired results. This is an important and long-term investment in the business which may not be approached partially, randomly and without organization. A skilled and motivated team dealing systematically with sales and customer relationships will yield much better results.

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